Street football in Ukraine

Let’s first dive into the history of street football (hereinafter UV).

Street football is a game of football in an unusual situation. This can be either coverage or number of participants.

It is often assumed that this is spectacular, technical football.

From the UV branch went.

For example, panna (panna) – the game is 1 on 1 with a goal, where the main task is considered to throw a ball between the legs of PANNA.

And even the style in the football freestyle ground moves.

The Galactik Football team will describe each of these branches in the following articles.

It was the beautiful handling of the ball, the football technique began to emerge in Holland in the early 2000s.

The origins of this culture were such individuals in street football as Edward Van Gils, Issy Hitman, Lenny.



Now back to UV in Ukraine.

He began to emerge from 2008 thanks to the active development of football freestyle in Ukraine. It was from here that many football freestylers began to train graund moves.

Street football in Ukraine exists only in the panna format (game 1×1). About the game panna, we will make a separate post.

Competitions in Ukraine are very rare. We can recall several of these:

  • Neymar jr Five в Украине

    Neymar jr Five in Kyiv